Hits and Misses (April 8-14)

Let’s try this again. I’ll try not to fall asleep while writing the post this time and actually finish what I start! (Can you tell I’m ready for the end of the semester?) Here’s a look back at the week that was…..


  • As the semester comes to a close, I got to hear and perform in some wonderful recitals. Franchesca Fuentes started the week with an excellent junior recital. Even though I tease her relentlessly about the song, I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing her develop Eric Whitacre’s Goodnight Moon into a signature piece. On Friday, I had a double dose of performing. Lillie Cooper and I presented her senior recital in the afternoon. That evening, I got to collaborate with baritone Robert Cardwell in an art song recital that was simply magical. Even though the program was undergoing changes until the very last minute — mainly because I simply didn’t have time to learn everything we had originally programmed — I think we created a program that was interesting and fulfilling for us as performers as well as our audience. It has been really nice to hear all of the positive feedback from this recital. I’m looking forward to the next collaboration with this incredibly talented singer and teacher.
  • Thursday evening saw another performance of the Singing Men of Texas. What made this concert such a “Hit” was the incredible space we were in. The sanctuary at First Baptist Church in Dimmitt is a beautiful place to make music. The acoustics are warm and inviting. The piano is glorious as well. Once this congregation finds a minister of music (another story for another time), I hope to have the opportunity to get back into that space. It really was a pleasure….
  • On Saturday, I took the afternoon to spend some solitude in Lubbock. It was a simple plan — a quiet lunch with a hearty steak and a good book — followed by extended time to read some fiction. I have to remind myself occasionally how important it is for me to pull away from everything and everyone in order to re-center myself. Now I’m ready for the final push of the semester and the work that remains.
  • I woke up Saturday morning to find that I was extremely sore. When I mentioned it to a friend, he looked at me like I was crazy. Of course I was sore….I had essentially played 4 full programs in 2 days! (The long Singing Men rehearsals are almost worse than an actual performance.) After a long hot shower, a dose of Tylenol, and a date with a tube of Ben Gay, I was able to move with more ease, but I certainly was not ready to do much of anything that involved my arms and shoulders. By Sunday morning, I was feeling better, but still extremely tired. That did not make for a happy or patient church musician….and I might have been a little more verbal about things than I should have been. I spoke the truth, but maybe not in the kindest way possible.  Oh vey!
  • As I was preparing to meet up with the other members of the Singing Men from Plainview, I learned that things were happening in the Geriatric Ward. A last minute text letting the guys know they should leave without me allowed me to check on things at home. That’s when I learned that Mom was headed to the doctor because she was experiencing extreme dizziness and could not stand on her own. While this is not completely unusual for older adults, given the other health issues Mom is currently facing — especially the challenges of stabilizing her blood pressure, I was worried. I was happy to hear that afternoon that the doctor had diagnosed her with a severe case of vertigo and medication was going to treat the problem.
  • My glasses are giving me fits at the moment. During my last exam, the doctor found that I have astigmatism and changed my prescription accordingly. So now I can see clearly without my glasses for a while and then suddenly find myself in desperate need of their assistance. That really isn’t problematic since I’ve worn glasses most of my life. What is driving me crazy is these lenses seem unable to stay in the frames. If I place them on the desk at just the right angle, a lens will pop out. While leaving the stage last Sunday morning at church, I noticed that something was odd. When I got to my seat, the lens dropped to my lap without any jarring at all. All of those summers spent working for the optometrist are coming in handy! I’m perfectly comfortable grabbing the frames and wedging the lens back into place…I just wish I didn’t have to. As soon as I get back to eastern Arkansas, I’ll be heading to see Stella so she can fix these things once and for all and set me up for another check up.



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